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When you act out one of your sexual fantasies using characters ie. Dentist, teacher etc
"Let's play doctors and nurses!"
by Nicola February 01, 2004
Someone that is obssessed by sex.
"I'm a nympho, let's do it now!"
by Nicola February 02, 2004
A lad who has sex with a girl when he knows she's a virgin and then dumps her after and then goes and finds another virgin like in the movie "Kids".
"I love virgins they always smell like butterscotch." - quote from "Kids".
by Nicola July 04, 2004
A boy/man that likes to have sex with virgins.
"He doesn't like you he's a cherry hound!"
by Nicola January 16, 2004
'Malfated' was a word invented by Karl Steiger in 1998. The word (not in the dictionary) referred to being doomed, destined not to succeed, etc.In 2002, after someone stole his band's name, he named his band The Malfated. Their official website is www.malfated.com
"In the end, we are all The Malfated, because we're all fucked by our very nature" - Karl Steiger
by Nicola July 07, 2004
slacker term for butt, rear end, behind, ass...

Popularized on MTV's Beavis and Butthead in the mid-1990's.
I need TP for my bunghole!

DO NOT make my bunghole angry!!
by nicola January 23, 2004
A garment originating from the Victorian era which tightly holds in the waist, defining a womans body. Now it is often worn as a fetish garment
i bought a really hot PVC waist cincher
by Nicola June 28, 2004

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