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A dirty little ditty, recited by American school children during the 1970s, especially at summer camps everywhere:
Um Chucka Willy from the Coconut Grove.
He was a mean motha' fucka', you could tell by his clothes.
He'd knock on your door with his prick in his hand and say
"Ooh, motha' fucka', I'm a poor ol' man"

He hung a hundred women up on a wall
Bet ya' a hundred dollars he could fuck 'em all
He fucked 98 'til his balls turned blue
Took a shot of whiskey, then he fucked the other two

When he died he went to hell
Fucked the devil and all went well
On his tomb stone written in green said:
"Um Chucka Willy was a fuckin' machine"
by nickreaper September 03, 2012
A name you might call someone when you've forgotten their real name, or are just screwing with them. Best used on a person who doesn't fit the name at all, like a woman, or someone with a very long, complicated name that has a lot of sylables.
The Mysterious Mr. Man: "Hey, what's your name?...Uh, Bob...yeah, Bob. Can you get that armadillo for me?"

Xeanequa: "You're a dick"

Mr. Man: "And you have no sense of humor"
by nickreaper December 13, 2011
Acronym for Piss, Food, 'n' Gas. When you stop at a gas station during a cross country road trip for those three things.
Day five. We started in Philadelphia and we finally made it all the way to Los Angeles. I've been here many times before, but never gotten here by car. Usually by plane so I'm here in five hours. It was about 48 hours total driving time, but PFGs and sleep of course made it five fuckin' days of travel!
by nickreaper January 18, 2012
A ferret...Yes, God is a ferret.
I decided to summon God on December 21, 2012 and it turns out he's a ferret with a white robe and a long white beard. I picked God up and started throwing him at random people causing them to turn to dust.
by nickreaper December 02, 2011
When two men rub and glide their erect penises against one another as a sexual activity. Often done while at the same time french kissing. More commonly known as sword fighting.
Bob: "What are you, twelve years old? No gay guys don't have sex by rubbing their dicks together. They have anal sex...usually. I'm sure there's more to it than just that."

13 year old: "They also rub their dicks together. It's called fencing."

Bob: "I'm sure you know that from experience..."

13 year old: "Oh fuck you, Bob!"
by nickreaper September 03, 2012
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