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Who: Cyrus, Miley

What: A skank who thinks she's so hot and can sing. She love to throw herself all over her boyfriend when theres a camera in the room, wait, she loves throwing herself all over any guy. PROTECT YOUR BOYFRIENDS, LADIES!

Where: Usually found in her bed/bedroom with new bff Many Girox.{What happened to Lesly?} Or in her bed/bedroom with her boyfriend. Or in a hotel hallway with random girls she shares candy with.

When: Rehab probably this summer. She staggers like a drunk woman on stage. Wait i mean a drunk slut.
ew Miley Cyrus had a hang over and she barfed all over Thomas's shoes and he dumped her
by nickoobadoo May 21, 2008
a anoying person who takes good defonitions of Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato and regects them.

im a editor myself and i know the rules ppl and those didnt break them!

yo im a editor and i really think i should go ruin my life and get prego
by nickoobadoo May 21, 2008
Nick Jonas is usually found running from screaming girls, drinking Starbucks {Yummy}, on stage, or chilling with his brothers or awesome body gaurd.

Usually the object of teen girls fantasies.

Sometimes called gay because he has fashion sence.{hesnotgay}

Honestly the one thing thats hotter than Florida in July.
omg nick Jonas sings like an angel.

omfg his is one

omg i love nick jonas's hair
by nickoobadoo May 20, 2008
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