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11 definitions by nicki

Another word for bad, ugly or dis-tasteful
"Oh my God, that boy is gwak"
by Nicki November 10, 2003
THE original Ho Train, originated at a private catholic school, copyright 2004, MSMU studios
ES girl: the ho train is here!! choo-choo
WS girl: oh no you didn't, the OHT is here, don't try to take our title, biatch
WS girl: that's right slut, keep it that way
by nicki July 12, 2004
Extremely yummy, short for delicious.
MmMm..christina's snatch be dicious!
by nicki December 15, 2003
a male or female who instead of using sexual reproduction or asexual reproduction uses the saxophone to reach happiness or climax.
Yanni sat in the back of the band room and inserted her saxophone inside of her and found God.
by Nicki December 02, 2004