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A town in Southern Maine of about 10,000 people. It's the first town when you enter Maine from Portsmouth NH. Kittery's population is mostly made up of: Portsmouth Naval Shipyard Workers, Out-of-towners that live in Navy Housing, Rich People (Kittery Point), and people living in trailers.
Joe: Where are you from
Tom: Kittery
by nick1207 January 26, 2007
To get stomped in the face by somebody wearing boots. Much like getting curb stomped but always includes boots, and isn't always done on a curb.
Charlie: *proceeds to talk about having sex with your mother*
Aaron: Get Bootstomped
Charlie: You won't do shit
Aaron: *bootstomps Charlie*
Charlie: *lays on ground while heavily bleeding from the face*
by nick1207 January 26, 2007

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