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Being hooked on Marijuana, or other harder drugs.
"Me and Matt are Gridlock'd, we'll be smoking til' we die."
by nich March 17, 2004
a very beatufill thing
that car is a courntey
by nich January 31, 2005
A fictional high grade strain of marijuana, grown straight from a mind off 5150 pills.

BeauBerry is a HIGHLY pinchable strain, pinched directly from Beau Perry himself.
"He's got beauberry , dude its f*ckin' atomic BOMB. Named after him from Humboldt county."
by nich March 17, 2004
Altered Humboldt County strain of quality Marijuana, grown from the plant "Pretzels" in Northern California. Known for its advanced germination-mid vegetation cycle, into an outdoor beast in early vegetation.
"Pretzels just yeilded the SHAMROCK bud."
by nich March 17, 2004

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