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THE Yoshitsuna is the all-mighty sword feature in the Disgaea franchise of video games. It is the best sword you will ever see in an rpg game.

Not even the excalibur comes close to it.
the Yoshitsuna is the combination of a nuke and a sword
by nicagamer July 11, 2010
Rei is one of the characters from the amazing rpg Breath of fire 3.

He is one of the main characters at the beginning of the series and he saves the main character from a pack of wolves.

Rei uses two knives during battle and can also transform in a weretiger.

Later on the game, he becomes somewhat of a dark character but still has some good in him.
Rei (Woren Tribe) is the coolest character in any breath of fire game.
by nicagamer July 11, 2010

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