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an obsessive, over weight woman with absolutely no life. Has managed to prove this for over a year now.
Look at that baglady, oh wait that is Mindcrime.
by NIC September 25, 2003
sleazy woman. show's her tits for swag. has admitted to sleeping with Gene Simmons, she even had the nerve to admit that.
Catpants has weird looking tits, very bad boob job.
by NIC September 25, 2003
Another name for Spicy Bird
I bought all the dirty bird they had down at the market.
by Nic August 24, 2003
What's That??? Something that has never and will never exist. Their motto is like Burger King, Have it your way.
In World War II the Germans took over FRANCE in about TEN DAYS
by Nic April 15, 2005
Dispite what the faggots on this site think, Murder Inc is better the G - Unit bitches. 50 cent is nothing but a celebrity looking for publicity by starting shit. Jadakiss, DMX, Nas and The Game will murder him.
M U R D E R I N C 4 L I F E

fuck BenZino though.
murder inc mother fucker, fuck g unit.
by Nic August 11, 2005
Officialy the worst band ever. They are an english pop group, and are cheesey fake wannabes. they are all really ugly and mime playing their guitars.
trying to be something u arent
by Nic March 08, 2004
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