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62 definitions by nic

thinks their better than everyone
takes compliments to the max
sharron: shardrell you are so cute
shardrell: i know
nic: sharron stop before he already big headed
by nic October 03, 2004
tow headed is literally "flaxen haired". This meaning of tow comes from Middle Low German touw (which means "flax, hemp fiber"). This probably went back to the prehistoric Germanic base *tow-, *taw "make, prepare" (source also of English tool), in the sense "make yarn from wool; spin".
he's a real tow head
by Nic July 25, 2004
Hospital/police procedure for collecting evidence from a recent rape victim, e.g. clothing and semen samples. Also: the completed box of evidence.
After the exam, the police collected her rape kit to test for DNA samples.
by Nic April 20, 2005
the art of getting off your ass drunk and going tobogganing or drinking your self sill while tobogganing mathematical equation= alcohol+ sled+ rider+ booze+ lowfriction = a fun recipee for disaster
yo dude you got the 2-4 and the schopps? yeeah dude this taboozing is gonna own.
by Nic December 21, 2004
Parkour (or 'le parkour'; 'freerunning'; 'pk' or 'pking') is the sport of fluid urban movement. Invented in 1988 in the Lisses suburb of Paris by a small crew of traceurs including the ledgendary David Belle and Sebastien Foucan who recently featured in the BBC documentary 'Jump London', the sport (or art) of pk is essentially a conbination of running, athletics and acrobatics in urban environments.

It includes such techniques as the tic-tac (wall step/run); kong (a form of vault); and precision (two-foot to two-foot jump) among myriad others. Most watching traceurs pk would describe their movements as series of of actobatic techniques fluidly integrated into a continuous run from A to B, past, over under and through any obstacles in their path. However, that would be during a run (most of which are filmed, as with skaters). Most often, if you saw traceurs practicing they'd be honing individual components of their technique.

Certain individuals have chosen to explore alternative forms of parkour, such as running through traffic or passing through crowds quicky, while others, such as Team Ryouko or Xyndicate have attempted to blend pk's unique ideals with other forms of martial and athletic arts.
Le-Parkour is freedom of the mind, as well as the body.
by Nic January 19, 2005
acrynom for "happy new year!"
*On Jan 1st*: hny everyone!
by Nic February 09, 2005
A resturaunt so funny, that when I pass it, I want to rearrange letters...
Nic took the lights out of D, D, R, and the U as he snuck into Fuddruckers.
by Nic January 20, 2004