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An individual or object that is as trendy as lostprophets guitarist Lee Gaze.
"Those shoes are Gazetrendy for sure"

"You look Gazetrendy with that new haircut"
by niblet September 13, 2004
An insult aimed at a male individual of the overwieght variety, who loosley resembles any amphibian.
" You, fatty fatty toad boy, stop munching that pie, and go die in a corner."
by niblet August 08, 2004
An expression used to mock someone named Benjamin by by combining thier name with the word minge. Can be used as a useful insult.
"Bentaminge, you freak, get down from that damn tree and stop crying"
by niblet August 08, 2004
One who owns an almost infinite supply of pornography.
"Hey,I'm bored, lets go to greeny's house, we can check out his porn."
by niblet August 08, 2004

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