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To beat up someone
let's go jump him.
by Ni2k August 12, 2010
When you are clapping your hand but making no sound. So it looks like you are clapping your hands, but in reality you don't care.
He was fake-applauding at the opera yesterday.
by Ni2k January 28, 2011
When a Chinese person adopts a white child. Contrary to the usual white adopting a chinese child.
Those children where from reverse adoption.
by ni2k December 31, 2010
In a party, when you are grinding you pull up your shirt and girls run your abs.
I know the Ab display
by ni2k October 07, 2010
When you put too much ketchup in your plate and can't finish it.
I suffered Ketchup Overdose.
by Ni2k June 18, 2011
When you don't know if your computer, cellphone or any other electronic device, will work next time you use it.
He suffers from electronic instability.
by Ni2k April 30, 2011
ALCS is the inability to understand the lyrics of a song no matter the style. One may be ALCS positive when: he/she does not understand the meaning behind the words or when he/she just doesn't understand the words themselves.
You may have a condidtion known as acute lyrical comprehension syndrome or ALCS.
by Ni2k February 16, 2013
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