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1. n. A bad drunk. One who does things his drunk friends disapprove of. And not the cool kind of things they disapprove of, either.
2. n. Someone much drunker than anyone else around him/her, usually being annoying or out of control.
3. n. Someone who gets drunk and develops a bad personality.
"By the time we got to the bar at nine, this bad load was already slurring and spilling his drinks on himself."
"After I pissed myself, the bartender called me a bad load wanted to kick me out, so I tried to fight her"
"CUA is a breeding ground for bad loads"
by ng! April 01, 2003
"If so desired, a nick name for male genetalia," As St john was once an important figure, so is a mans genetalia to himself.
She was all over my St john that he didnt know what had hit him.
by nG! May 07, 2006

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