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3 definitions by nfiver

used to describe a great opposition, great suprise towards a comment or situation etc., used to say no, whaaaaaat?!?! etc.
man 1:yo you gonna go to that wack ass party?
man 2:HELL NAW!

lady1:HELL NAW! i just heard janet jackson showed her tit on t.v
lady2:that fuckin whore
by nfiver February 08, 2004
slang. a simple term which is a target of at least 2 or more people which is basically telling them to fuck off.
gangstaz:yo foo come get u some give me yo chedda
innocent pedestrian: FUCK YALL!!!!
by nfiver August 29, 2003
To hit on, to talk to someone at another moment and to swear this on your mother.
i'll talk to you later alright ?
by nfiver August 29, 2003