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Network-Shadow (or NetShadow); A being born to the Internet from the mixing of Mac OS code (see Mac OS X) and human consciousness. Known to run web sites and message boards as well as moderate. First spotted running a video game review and news site. More recently associated with design, anime (see Untitled Image) and Mac sites. Also can be seen on online games. Can be tracked using Internet search engines.
1. Screen Name: NetworkShadow
2. You were killed by NetworkShadow
3. Posted by NetworkShadow
by nfdman May 10, 2005
1. An Untitled graphics file created by an image editing program on a computer.

2. An online community for graphic designers, artists, writers, anime fans and gamers. Home to NetworkShadow.
Save as: Untitled Image.JPG
by nfdman May 10, 2005

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