1 definition by nezZario

"The Nods" is a state which every narcotic user (especially heavy narcotics, such as heroin) yearns for.

It is the state in which you drift in and out of conciousness for possibly several hours on end, and is associated with the state of "nirvana".

It's literally to the point where you feel so good you don't care if you are are asleep or awake, because you'll feel great anyway

When a person has "the nods" they feel very, very good, and is typically, after a "rush" the second favorite thing on any junkie's "to do" list after using narcotics.

It's basically every junkie's dream.
Damn! I can't believe that guy cought the nods off just 20mg of oxycontin.
by nezZario May 30, 2006

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