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1. an unnecessarily long moment or instant;

2. when the sixtieth part of a minute of time takes upon itself the characteristics of an extended pause appearing to last much longer than its given unit of time;

3. a noticeable hesitation, awkward pause or uncomfortable lag in conversation.
Greg: Hey baby, I missed you. How's my sugar doin?

(akward pause)

Mary: I slept with your brother.

Greg: Well after that considerable second, is there anything else you want to tell me?
by newyears81 March 23, 2009
Similar to the high-five, this is the act of bumping elbows with a friend, family member, acquaintance or co-worker so as not to spread germs via hand-to-hand contact.
Moe: Hey buddy, great game! High-five!
Carl: (lifting bended elbow) Chicken wing, I just washed my hands.
by newyears81 July 02, 2010

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