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Pretending to be talking on the phone in order to avoid contact with another individual.
I saw that annoying Dave from Sales coming toward me, so I quickly pulled out my cell to make a feigncall.
by newsamjohnson February 06, 2010
Doing today what could better be put off until tomorrow. The opposite of procrastination.
While it would have been better to wait until garbage day tomorrow to throw out my trash, I decided to antecrastinate and instead put several heaping bags of foul trash onto the street today.
by newsamjohnson February 06, 2010
adj. To condescend from below. To make fun of someone who in fact, at least in the area in which they are being made fun of, is actually one's superior. Usually done in a mocking and/or sarcastic tone.

n. conascension
Jill was very conascending to Mary when she said, "You went to Yale, so I'm just sure YOU can figure out how we'll find a cab downtown."
by newsamjohnson February 06, 2010
A declaration by thin, and usually healthy, people against the consumption of a food perceived as being fattening or generally unhealthy. Derivative of fatwa, as a religious edict against something unsavoury.
Owing to the recent bad press about trans fats, members of my running club have issued a thinwa against Girl Guide cookies.
by newsamjohnson February 06, 2010
A form of unintentional trash talking, where one effortlessly puts another person down without planning on it. Much less overt than trash talking.
When asked what pace we would run at, DeeDee responded with pure trash chat. She said, "oh, we can just run at your pace."
by newsamjohnson April 13, 2010
Tacky Victorian style, reflecting more "country charm" than authentic Victorian style. Epitomized by plastic flowers, fake antique furnishings, and by an over-abundance of doilies and potpourri.
Although claiming to be built in the 1870's and restored to its original architectural character, the Bed and Breakfast was more Hictorian than Victorian.
by newsamjohnson February 06, 2010
A (usually) young, white male who dresses like "rapper" Eminem, complete with baggy pants and hoodie, as well as an overpriced ball cap. Basks in glow of own perceived sense of cool while sadly unaware of how foolish he actually is.
I got bumped in the line at the drugstore by an Eminemulator sauntering through on his way to the skin care aisle.
by newsamjohnson March 08, 2010

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