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3 definitions by new orleans

when someone say you look a mess or if someome tell u that they put a number on the end of chapter or if yo look really bad the say close the chapter book......said alot in new orleans
gurl your hair is chapter 4.
your momma gold is lonly it look chapter14.
your g-nikes is through...close the chapter book.
by new orleans October 25, 2005
25 15
when someone is wrong for what they got on or what they are doind are sayin ....mostly said in new orleans
omyno she looks a mess
by new orleans October 25, 2005
0 1
When someone tell u something that really news to you.(Used alot in New orleans)

Girl tell me why Walker got on solider gears....dey look a mess.Girl get da gun
by new orleans October 25, 2005
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