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Lakeville, Minnesota is the fastest growing suburb surrounding the twin cities and has been named one of the best cities to raise a family, along with Lakeville North being awarded for highest test scores in the state. This is ironic with the exploding amount of drug use and dealers that are present in the suburb. The middle to upper class families give their kids VERY nice cars that the teenagers drink and drive with or just ignorantly destroy for fun. Lakeville is it's own reality where rules don't apply; there's nothing wrong with drunk driving or taking 5 rolls at a time. Lakeville "friends" consist of kids who egg your car or teepee your house for fun. The egos of Lakeville kids are equivalent to that of the entire midwest combined. Tie-dye is the symbol of the suburb, a city where the cheerleaders are stoners, smart individuals do mass amounts of drugs, and ANYONE can be a drug dealer.
Lakeville Etard 1: "You like those rolls man? There's a party in the ville tonight so I'm lookin' to rave."

Lakeville Etard 2: "Nah they were bunk, but I have some white bitch and booze I'll sell you if I can chill."

Lakeville Etard 1: "Fuck yeah lets get saucey. Where you want me to get you later?"

Lakeville Etard 2: "I'm off work at 10 so pick me up at Rainbow."

Lakeville Etard 1: "Legit. I'll be in a blue WRX, just hit me up when you're off and I'll roll over."
by neversawitcoming May 09, 2010

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