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In West Virginia there are 5 seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall and Deer Huntin'.
I was huntin' one day and didn't seem to be havin' any luck so I went a walkin' and came to this cave, and inside was all the deer that I wasn't findin'. They all came a runnin' out and I sit there and picked 'em all off one by one! Lucky Day
by never you mind March 28, 2005
The best biscuits u could ever find. advertised by ali salvemini and emma kameniar
Its a cracker...with cheese!
by Never you mind July 26, 2003
analingus, rimming, licking of the bumhole
Eeeh, she were a right dirty bint, she even gave me backdooral!
by never you mind May 06, 2004
A cute pet name a lovely girl named emma uses for one of her best buds ali
Poobum! daaaaaring!
by Never you mind July 26, 2003

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