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A state of existence that men tend to seek at their worst hours, and avoid during the rest of their years.
Deaths in 2003 (according to the World Health Report): 29.2% from cardiovascular diseases, 12.9% from Ischemic heart disease alone. 19.5% from parasitic diseases, lead by HIV 4.9%. Malignant neoplasms (growths and tumors) 12.5%, 2.2% from trachea, bronchus and lung. 6.7% from respiratory infections and 6.5% from respiratory diseases, chronic obtrusive pulmonary disease leading them with 4.8% of worldwide deaths. 6.2% from so called accidents, road and traffic injuries leading at 2.1%. 4.3% can be attributes to prenatal conditions, 3.4% to digestive diseases, chronic liver disease and cirrhosis of the liver combine to include 1.4% of worldwide deaths. Neuropsychiatric disorders such as Alzheimer’s take 1.9%, diabetes mellitus claims another 1.7% and Nephritis, nephrotic syndrome and nephrosis another 1.2%. Intentional injuries make 2.9% with suicide leading at 1.5% followed by homicide at 1.0% The remaining 3.7% died of various causes ranging from drowning to being mauled by a bear/bears.
by nethcev! January 02, 2006
A title given to one who has found Jesus.
If you would like an example of a hypocrite, odds are you need only look in the mirror.
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
A stowaway on one of man’s many ships of desire. Too often, it becomes a rude and painful passenger.
"My desire for her to feel the same way about me turned out to be a false hope."
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
The Nazi’s in Germany, the Falangists in Spain, and college football in the United States.
"I may not believe in fascism, but I sure do believe in the Oregon State Beavers."
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
A fine line between humility and low-self esteem which I chose not to walk.
For the sake of preserving my own modesty, I shall refrain from providing an example.
by nethcev! August 24, 2006
A branch of Christian theology devoted to the study and defense of the holy origins of scripture, as well as the divinely ordained authority of the Church alone to interpret it. To fail apologetics is a sign of intelligence.
My "F" in freshman Apologetics eventually led me to drop out of semenary and enroll in an Ivy league University.
by nethcev! November 21, 2005
A bastard blossom, a parasitic pansy, an annoying destructive weed which can be fermented into decent wine.
The word "dandelion" is derived from French, and means "lion's tooth" because of the dandelion's toothed leaves.
by nethcev! August 23, 2006

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