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Its tha name that rapper,Jay-Z calls himself since he considers himself tha "God" of rap.And Jehovah is anotha name for God.
They call me J-Hova cause tha flow is religious.
by Nessa February 01, 2004
1- The best game since..um.. ever! It was created for kids but surpisingly adults joined too. toontown.com
2- A theme park in Disneyworld--"Mickey's toontown"
Jimmy: I'm going to play toon town!! ^__^
Suzy: YAY! Me too! see 'ya there!
by Nessa April 12, 2005
Turning up unexpected and unwanted at a party, house or gathering, etc
Having a well cool party till these chavs gatecrashed
by Nessa April 10, 2005
Can be used in a negative or positive way.
Positive-Outstanding, Totally Slammin'
Negative-Overwhelming, unbearable!
-Damn, The work today was Hellacious

+Damn, That playas booty was hellacious
by Nessa March 20, 2004
a term refering to a carbonated beverage or soda
Man, I can use a cold iced belly washer today
by nessa January 06, 2005
fucken fag who are trien toooooo hard
by nessa October 10, 2003
nuqqa is another word for nigga
yo what be up nuqqa!!
by nessa August 04, 2004
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