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A comedy club groupie that hangs out with the hope of fucking a comedian.
I saw these two chuckle fuckers taking turns blowing Joe Rogan in the bathroom at the Comedy Store.
by nerumycroft November 29, 2011
The Detroit of the West Coast. A horrible gray industrial city with few parks, and even fewer trees. Poorly planned, ugly, cold and filled with aggressive pan-handlers and violent psychotic crack-heads. In this city the poor and broken dominate the downtown, while the rich hide from the crime and poverty by escaping to their own private islands in the bay. The second most depressing city in the United States.
When Curt Cobain committed suicide, it wasn't because of the heroin or that crazy bitch he was married to, he just wanted to escape the hell that is Seattle.
by nerumycroft February 04, 2011

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