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speaking in circles and telling people what they want to hear as a way to manipulate everyone into thinking you're honest/good while simultaneously exploiting everyone for your own egomaniacal gain.

Named after world famous photographer Michael Somoroff whose fame is predicated on the idea that people believe he's famous, and not from any actual accomplishments
I almost got fired for stealing but i somo'ed my way out of it with some really slick story, everyone bought it so I'm fine.
by nerkiansavage January 29, 2015
when you love the idea of having something so much it overrides your logic, reason and ability to spell properly.
Andrea is so passionate to money she won't give me her phone for free.
by nerkiansavage November 13, 2013
Someone who believes the moon exists.
That mooner doesn't understand the irony in believing the moon is real but the moon landing is fake.
by nerkiansavage September 06, 2012

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