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1. A city in central texas with around 150,000 ppl
2. Home of Baylor University and Texas Stat Technical College (and McClennan Community College but the only point in going there is for their amazing Vocal program)
3. Probably one of the most proud-of-it's-culture town's it's size
4. Has more GREAT hole in the wall restaurants and churches than any other town its size
5. Where Dr.Pepper was born
6. Most infamous for the Branch Dividian cult thing, which happened nearby Waco, but close enough. (about 10 minutes away, o it was not in falls county, I live here, I've been there)
7. #1 for STD's and teen pregnancy in the state
8. #5 worst place to raise a kid in the country, though it's suburbs are in the top 100.
9. Has an amazing homeless rate
10. Has a whole bunch of random high schools, (well it and its suburbs) only 3 are 5/4 A
Waco High, University High, Midway, Bosqueville, China Spring, Stars, Harmony Science Academy, Rapaport Academy (Meyer High School), Connally High School, La Vega High, Robinson High, Lorena High
Private: Texas Christian Academy, Veritas Varsity, Reicher Catholic School, Vanguard College Prep, Live Oak Classical School, Parkview Christian Academy
11. Has an overwhelmingly large Homeless population in downtown
12. Home of the World hunger Relief Farm (they train against world poverty)

14. Home of David Crowder Band and Dutton, and a whole bunch of other bands, mainly metal
Waco is a strange ghetto place, with amazing food.
by neon princess November 14, 2009

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