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Name of Bruno Mars' fans who not just love Bruno Mars but also love his band, his crews, his family, and everything about him. Mature. Not envy/jealous if other HOOLIGANS being bless (meet/hug/kiss/etc by Bruno) but feel happy and believe somemday will get the same honor.
All Hooligans screamed when Bruno Mars did his great hip-thrust.
Imma HOOLIGANS n I proud of it cuz I love Bruno Mars.
by nengbuyah July 03, 2011
1. Invitation to have fun.
2. Polite language of F*CK
BOK with me.
We did it!!! We BOKed on our hard work!
OMG! Bruno Mars made French Kissing as the trending topic worldwide on twitter! BOK YEAH!
by nengbuyah July 03, 2011
Appreciate you.
I love your voice! It's so moved me!
Awww... really? Preeshiate chu!

Go get it! I kno u can!
Preeshiate chu, pimp!
by nengbuyah July 03, 2011
Term used by Hooligans (Bruno Mars' fans). It mean like a cute hug, as cute as panda. Mostly use for virtual hug.
Awww... u made this paint for me? Pandahugs for ya!

Thx for following my twitter!
You're welcome, dear! pandahugs
by nengbuyah July 03, 2011
Expression of happiness, spirit, passionate, pride, etc.
Thanks, Man! BOOYAH!
by nengbuyah July 03, 2011

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