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Italian dictator that supported, and fought alongside the Germans in WW2.
Mussolini was an idiot.
by Nemesis6 May 10, 2003
Military Police. Used in military complexes or installations founded by the army. Often seen standing at doors that require personal identification / guarding.
Those MP's sure are grumpy!
by Nemesis6 February 10, 2003
Signal sent from the nerves at a place exposed to physical damage / Rupture of any kind. The word pain can also be used to descripe a place that hurts in any way, Or used in general as a description, as shown below -
He's in great pain.
by Nemesis6 February 10, 2003
Property of multiple people.
Their food ain't that bad!
by Nemesis6 February 10, 2003
File format used on computers for music or sound samples. Mp3's can be obtained legally or in most cases, illigally; Mp3's is how most internet users get new music.
I'm downloading some mp3's from kazaa lite.
by Nemesis6 February 10, 2003
"The Vietcong was a combatant and who was not. The Vietcong functioned as both a military force and a civilian infrastructure; they installed officials in towns, villages, and hamlets to provide discipline and structure in a variety of institutions"
The vietcong were savage
by Nemesis6 July 07, 2003
(Former) leader of the Habr Gedir clan in Somalia, he was fatally wounded and died in 1995. Explaination - "Clan war"
Muhamed Farah Aidid was a warlord. ((Clan leader))
by Nemesis6 March 29, 2003

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