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1.) A useless peice of shit that got lucky coming to America. If it wasn't for America's huge mistake niggers would still be over in Africa clicking your toungs and hunting lions. Most people liked them more when they were doing our work instead of fucking up America and stealing all of our shit. If yu want to improve your reputation, shut the hell up speak like a normal person and stop being god damn annoying Niggers for once.

2.) The black niggers a loud as hell. Calm down shanequa you can talk to shanana without the whole damn town hearing you.
1.)Fucking niggers took all of my shit. the next time I see him I'm linching that nigger.

2.) damn that nigger was loud as hell.
by nemec 17 July 31, 2009
1. an action of a female spraying in a mans face after sexual intercorce during a queef (pussy fart).

2. a derogitory term for a person of africa decent
Oh my god dude lst night this girl queefactioned all over me after we had sex.
by nemec 17 July 31, 2009

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