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to fall completely onto your face
Man, I was runnin from the cops last night, tripped on a stick, and completely ate it
by nellysgrl January 23, 2005
McLean; the equivilant to the OC, but in Virginia
Where do you live?
I'm pimpin tha MC BITCH!
by nellysgrl September 19, 2004
McDonalds with only one arch outside; most popular one is locater in tha MC. It is also known as the "grand hangout."
Libby: yo Eileen, I'll meet you at one arch after school.
by nellysgrl January 23, 2005
This is young girl with a double personality. During the day, she can be know by the name "Cotta." Cotta is a sweet, innocent girl who is a little awkward and shifty-eyed. However, once night rolls around, she becomes tha Codra- a crazy party girl.
Boy 1- "are you goin to the party?"

Boy 2- "Only if codra's therre. she's so hot."
by nellysgrl September 19, 2004
A spanish gangsta, most likely in a gang. Also, if male- calls his other spankstas "ese." if female- calls her other spankstas "boota."
Look at that spanksta ova therre thinkin he tha shyt.
by nellysgrl September 14, 2004

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