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1 definition by nellychingy

A country in the southeast of Europe, a former republic of Yugoslavia, in which the Serbs gained all the economic incomes earned by another yugoslavian repubic: Croatia. When Croatia decided to separate from this shitty confederacy with serbia, the serbs became fuckin scared of losing a part of ''their'' territory and began to slaughter and rape croatian men, women and children, bomb hospitals and burn churches. their ideology of ''great serbia'' was founded by a fucking sicko called vuk karadzic who claimed all the other nations in former YU were in fact all serbs and therefore everything should be or is Serbia. only a couple of years after what they have done to the croats and bosnians, they expect people to forget about the war and leave it all in the past. but listen: NoTHing of the fucked up things you've done will ever be forgotten!! remember that!! CRO has the adriatic sea, and YOU DONT. hahahaaaaa
srpski cetnik: nema mesa bit ce mesa, klat cemo hrvate
to je slika koju svijet ima o vama, a za to ste SAMI krivi!!! evo sta vam donjela vasa ludost
by nellychingy November 19, 2006