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a reason for doing something, be it stupid or insignificant.
An act of impulse
"Hey man, why did you fuck my sister?"
"For funzies, you should have seen the look on your mum's face!"
by nelly b June 20, 2007
the action or process of a man penis being removed from the body. No anaesthetic is used in this process. Thus it is painful and only to be wished upon the worst of enemies or spouses.
Dood #1: "Hey what did Jill do when she found out Bob was cheating on her?"
Dood #2: "Oh she gave him a hardcore dickapitation!!"
by nelly b June 25, 2007
When you beleive that there is deception or foul play afoot, and you want to be the one that calls it.
You stand up, point at the object/person that you believe to have been involved in the deception and yell "Shannanigans!!" as loud as you can as to attract attention.

However there is an element of risk involved. If you are wrong about the "Shannanigans" call and there is nothing sinister about the situation, you will look like a douchebag
everybody had a hearty chuckle at Jerry when he called Shannanigans on Tom, thinking that he has slept with his wife. Only to find out that he was dead wrong.
by nelly b August 26, 2007
performing the act of sexual intercourse
It has been rumoured that popular couple Jack and Jill have been doing the no pants dance in their recreational time together.
by nelly b November 20, 2007
when you are sweet with your ex
i.e. You are on talking terms and there is no bitter aftertaste in the relationship.
Dude #1:"Hey man, how are you and that chick now that you've broken up, that relationship was pretty hardcore"
Dude #2:"Nah man i was talking to her the other day, i rekon we're xweet"
by nelly b June 05, 2007
When it is the time of day to put on a beater (the shirt, not the car).
It can be any time of the day or night.

"What do you reckon Sam, just about beater o'clock?"

"I reckon it is, mate"
by nelly b January 14, 2008

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