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Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Milwaukee is the hidden jewel of the Upper Midwest, and an urban thug's paradise.
After thugging around the North Shore, we hit up The City for some quality bbq at J.T. Bones.
by Nelly of Greendale February 20, 2004
Situated along the picturesque banks of wondrous Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is the "hidden jewel of the Upper Midwest," biotch!
Oh, and there are also plans to create public internet "hotspots" downtown!
by Nelly of Greendale February 14, 2004
The ghettolicious 'hoods of milwaukee .
Glenn "Big Dog" Robinson went from G.I. 2 da Mil-town 2 Hotlanta 2 Philly.
by Nelly of Greendale March 06, 2004
(verb). To be repeatedly beaten by the three point shot.
West Virginia nearly Pittsnogled their way into the Final Four, but then lost in OT to Louisville.
by Nelly of Greendale March 26, 2005
A call to engagement
"Dude, yummy?"
"Mmm, all-you-can-eat fried chicken, sushi, and banana slices doused in Robitussin, all for just $5!"
by Nelly of Greendale March 19, 2005
Madison, Wisconsin. The most liberal/kwazy, yet fun place in the country. Everything is ideal in the Mad-town cept for da weather.
The Mad-town wouldn't be mad if not for all the ghetto athletes at UW.
by Nelly of Greendale March 06, 2004
Lake Michigan, the largest and greatest lake in the United States and one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. Chicago, Milwaukee, and Gary are the principal ports reveling in the austere beauty The Lake.
I hear there's a Bastille Days 5k run near The Lake on the 14th.
by Nelly of Greendale February 20, 2004
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