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The act of getting someone to eat out your ass and then as they are tonguing your ass you push a piece of shit out and quickly retract it back into your ass bringing their tongue along with the shit. Then you clench your asshole, ultimately trapping their tongue inside your chocolate starfish.
I really wanted to break things off with that girl, so i gave her an angry ramone and since then she hasn't called, i think i succeeded in breaking things off.
#rim job #chocolate starfish #tongue in ass #brown tongue #tossing the salad
by neilr January 04, 2006
1. A wet and sloppy pussy. a girl with a gewsh usually orgasms like old faithful.
2. Gewsh can also be used to describe a worthless person who has no reason whatsoever to be living, relate to a punch clown
1. That girl i fucked last night had a gewsh!
2. David Dreman is a complete gewsh!
by neilr July 10, 2004
The act of punching oneself in the kidney and then proceeding to piss a mixture of urine and blood all over someones face
Have you seen R. Kelly's new sex tape? This time he gives a girl a copper shower.
#bloody shower #golden shower #red dragon #copper piss #red shower
by neilr January 04, 2006
1. a worthless piece of crap who lives only to do and say stupid things, and a person who nobody likes
David Dreman is such a punch clown!
by neilr July 10, 2004
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