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New name for, yes, yet another tiny section of New York City's lower Manhattan - South Bowery - SoBo refers to the small section of land between Chrystie and Bowery, below 2nd street and above Grand. This area is particuarlly diverse, adding quite a bohemian (boho) charm, including a cross section of 'hoods Chinatown, Soho, Nolita, Lower East Side, Little Italy and the East Village.

In this small area one can find samples of each bordering neighborhood such as; new galleries opening along 2nd street which are across from the Anthology Film Archives north of Avalon Condos and a Whole Foods which is sitting right next to the LES Low-income Housing Projects that are next to the Bowery Mission, right next to the new New Musuem, bordering a wild night club, next to a fancy Chinatown restaurant accross from the exclusive "Freeman's Ally including an upscale men's barbar and french restaurant, next to a great lumbar/hardware warehouse accross from a cheap European style hotel and cady corner from a beloved indie filmmaker (to remain nameless), who is just above some of the greatest Chinatown grocery shopping, where one can watch local Italians, Spainards, Mexicans, Chinese and many others play "American Soccer" at the Rosevelt Park and then go for food at the Romanian Family style restaurant Sammy's. We call this SoBo. And it is So Bohemian.
I live on Rivington Street, between Chrystie and Bowery, right in the heart of SoBo.
by neighborhood resident February 02, 2007

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