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a super, mega, ultra, obnoxious uber jew bastard that will do strange things like drive 10 miles to save 2 dollars or goes to the bathroom really fast because he thinks taking too long waste time he could use doing other jewy things like counting his gold with one hand and stealing your money with his "concentration-camp thin" fingers and a kung-fu grip. he will often kick a gentile down with his cloven hooves for less than a buck. sometimes a nickle. he will also haggle with anyone from a girl scout to a hooker, even himself. he also tries to make money like using a 42 cent stamp to get a 50 cent rebate. will save a dollar a week for a year for something special but end up saving the tiny nest egg instead.
jew bastard 1: wow! i just found a coupon for the store jews-r-us where i can save $0.67 if i spend 20 dollars. all i have to do is make sure i can use the shit out of everything i buy twice.

friend: ..... wow. you can be such a kykenstien when you really try.

jew bastard: i don't know any other way to live. I'M A KYKENSTIEN!! I CAN'T HELP MYSELF!!!

friend: maybe you should eat more pork. that outta knock the kyke right outta ya!

by negro jones strikes again November 12, 2008
a sound that comes from an older person as they pass gas and air rushes out of their anus and between their soft, dough-like buttocks. can also make a flippity flappity sound.
grandkid 1: man! grandma farted!! did you smell it?

grandkid 2: i didn't just smell it, i felt it! i was sitting right next to her when she did it! i felt those flappity cheeks vibrate through the couch!

grandkid 1: then she just glared at everybody and said what the hell are you little bastards looking at? she didn't even care!

grandkid 2: i know!! i love grandma!!!

grandkid 1: let's give her some beans maybe she'll do it again! then we can record the sound coming out of her!
by negro jones strikes again November 12, 2008
1. a black man who has mastered the art of cowboying.

2. a homosexual, typically a white one, who likes black red neck like men exclusively.

3. a black homosexual cowboy i.e. chocolate chocolate cowboy.
ex.1: Tajuante jr. is just as dark and cowboyish like his daddy. he really has grown up to be a real chocolate cowboy!

ex.2: did you see steven at the gay rodeo last night with that black dude? talk about a chocolate cowboy lover. he never gets sick of that chocolate stick!

ex.3: friend 1: oh my god! are those guys black cowboys? i didn't know cowboys came in that color? are they kissing?!? i didn't know cowboys could be THAT gay!!! i don't know if that's a chocolate chocolate cowboy connection or black on black crime

friend 2: do you know anything?

friend 1: i know those cowboys are finding each other chocolaty delicious!
by negro jones strikes again November 12, 2008

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