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11 definitions by negro

something in its entirety
I ate the whole shebang.
by negro October 18, 2003
176 41
being on the recieving end of the cock usually the hoe or hood rat or pigeon head or chicken head gets pounded as an act of sexual intercourse.
Hey i ended up at her place an i pounded the shT out of her.

also see:pounding or deep dickin
by negro October 16, 2004
173 56
Universal meaning. Like the word fuck.
You're such a cootersnatch.

Did you have a cootersnatching good weekend?

I'm going to cootersnatch, be right back.
by negro April 11, 2005
5 5
something or someone that is fuckin sweet
yo nug, dat be some fuckin dope shit. Dat be DMM.
by negro August 16, 2003
10 10
some hood rat from the new englend area or the west coast that will give up for blunts and old bull ice
yo that stank ass trick last nite gave me some triflin head last night after she drank her 40 oz
by negro October 16, 2004
11 13
what you need to do to your face.
by negro June 17, 2003
24 30
Like The Watch But Gayer, see gay - homosexuale - anal- fudge packers - fugly
Sieko is a fugly homosexuale fudge packer
by Negro September 13, 2003
2 11