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the feelings of a guy after consensual sex with an ugly atrocious discusting smelly sweaty girl. Female rape occurs in the mind because the man feels as he had to engage almost forced into sexual intercourse with the girl because of money, living situations, or even a dry spell.
for example: The only reason this girl could get laid is if she commits "female rape"!
#female #rape #sex #penis #vagina #orgasm #money #ugly
by negprop February 06, 2010
often referring to the leader of the catholic church, the pope might also be the world's oldest virgin or possibly hold the record for the world's oldest driest streak.
for example: c'mon fuck that broad don' t be like a pope.
#pope #catholic #christianity #priest #papal #dry
by negprop February 06, 2010
previously known as the beaver, and recently brought to light by conservative comic Stephen Colbert from a recent trip with our winter olympic team to Canada;
canadian history is a sexual act performed by two mounties, a civilian with the use of a moose, a stanley cup , maple syrup, and a beaver. In this act a mounty preferably a male is sodomized by a the moose while the other one cuddles on the floor with the stanley cup while performing felacio on the civilian who had already trapped the beaver in his anus. This sexual act is all made possible due to the extent use of maple syrup as a form of lubricant.
for example: Talk show host stephen colbert recently gained a wide knowledge of "canadian history" from his recent trip up north this winter.

slogans: canada where a moose can get loose!
where mounties would mount you!

and my favorite
canada, where stephen colbert stuck a beaver in his derriere!
#canadian #history #beaver #colbert #stephen #canada #america #cansada
by negprop February 06, 2010
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