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Canada’s eastern-most province and the last to join confederation. Also the most misunderstood province in Canada. They have a rich culture and a vibrant arts community. Many of Canada’s most prominent actors, writers and musicians are from Newfoundland. It’s capital is the oldest city in North America as well. Newfoundlanders are known for being friendly, disarming, unpretentious and hard working. They couldn’t make it as an independent country because they ran a huge debt after helping out England during the Second World War, where they suffered tremendous casualties at Beau Mont Hamel. The anniversary of this battle is July 1, also known as Canada day. They opted to join Canada for financial security, though some believe the vote was fixed. Canada had much to gain from Newfoundland’s rich resources. In fact their resources (fish, oil, energy and population) have been hijacked by Canada. They are self-deprecating and they never complain. They are unfortunately the butt of many stereotypes and crude jokes. They are fiercely patriotic and even have their own independence movement. Hopefully one day they will get the respect they deserve.

Newfoundland is the home of the oldest settlement in North America: L’Anse aux meadows by the Vikings 999-1001.

Newfoundland has a high rate of out-migration. Alberta’s workforce would collapse without Newfoundlanders.

The weather tends to be wet, windy and foggy in Newfoundland, however the temperature very rarely goes below 0 in the winter.
by nectarinedream June 23, 2007
A joint containing both marijuana and cocaine.
Some people won't snort cocaine, but they have no problem smoking a freezie.
by nectarinedream June 23, 2007

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