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An expression which denotes an abundance, large quantity, huge amount or a load of something. The word "umpteenth" was derived from "umpteen" and means "for-God-knows-which-time".
There was an umpteen of fidgety tourists in the city endeavouring to do as much sightseeing as it was possible.
by necrotism June 04, 2007
An exhibition where bizaar things are shown, rarities, curioses. In the past a form of entertainment very popular among people since it presented strangely-looking, somehow deformed people as presented in David Lynche's 'The Elephant Man'. It might presented fire-eaters and sword-swallowers as well.
We've been to a freak show. There was this woman who was able to fold herself in a cube and a guy whose body was covered in scales all over!
by necrotism June 05, 2006
A person who does fellatio.
She's one of the best peter-eaters in town!
by necrotism May 21, 2006
to serve a sentence in prison
(on a postcard): Dear Mommy and Daddy! We do bird for drug trafficking in Sing Sing. Greetings!
by necrotism September 02, 2006
One of the guitar effects, deliberately deformed sound of the electric guitar which is produced with a help of a pedal, fuzz
"ZZ's claZZic fuZZtone" - Music Weekly
by necrotism May 26, 2006
An institution within post where letters with no adresee are collected and opened in order to trace the adresee. If they remain unknown, the letters are burnt.
She was depressed, working in a dead letter office, reading all that stuff people write just to find out there is no one who will eventually receive these letters.
by necrotism June 05, 2006
A London company selling sexy and sophisticated lingerie and accessories, owned by Joseph Corre, (a son of famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren, who was very sucessful being Sex Pistol's manager) who is also its chief designer. AP promotes sexual explicity, presented by Kylie Minogue in the famous AP commercial where she had been riding an electric bull.
She looked tempting as hell dressed up in Agent Provocateur's lingerie.
by necrotism May 21, 2006

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