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5 definitions by necros

a famous phrase used by brandon di camilo o sooo good tastes like fryon. used mainly by the coolest of people in online games. users of this catch phrase include necros, and haggard.
woop de doop poop. i like chocolate . . .
by necros April 07, 2004
err i cant even say the name it makes me feal ill .
mummy i want a half cast babie
by necros November 05, 2003
copyrighted by "kingdom" this word in cs means 'cool' or powerfull usualy used around egangsters, ub:r necros is another variation.
hey necros, theres another guy called necros. erm wat a fake, kill him
by necros April 02, 2004
t o s s p o t
by necros November 05, 2003
necros is copyrighted, you fake. go and find a r-e-a-l internet name nobhead.

hey look at that quer using necros he he he
fake.r e that guy is gay, usin a ripped of name.
by necros August 11, 2004