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An iron maiden is a torture device that is about 6 to 7 feet tall. The victim is placed standing inside of it and there are usually knives or sharp points on both sides that immediately dig into the victim's body when it is closed. They will die of blood loss or asphyxiation.
person:"Do you know that the Ripley's museum in NYC has an ironmaiden?"
tourist: "really? what is that?"
person: "a torture device, it has 14 spikes in it that pierce your eyes, heart, throat and other areas."
tourist "neat!"
by necronomicon April 10, 2008
The latest "cool" phone popular among teenagers. They usually have internet services, camera for the lame myspace pics and the hipsters are practically attached to their hipstermobile.
sidekick 2,3,lx,iD,slide
Blackberry Pearl
these are hipstermobiles
by necronomicon April 10, 2008

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