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A person who is down with the clown, who understands the carnival, weather they know it or not. Anyone who dose not believe that a Juggalo is more than just a fan of ICP or people who think we are a cult, I challenge you Listen to two songs, really listen. "Afraid of me" by twiztid off the album the green book, and if you dont get the full picture by then, listen to "Nothing's left" by ICP off the album the amazing jeckel brothers. We are not a fan club, its much deeper than that. Being a Juggalo means that you tell society to go fuck themselves. You cast out society, as they outcast you. You know better than to follow the pied piper as he leads you off a cliff. Why do you think we say fuck the world, its not shock value, its our values. All those who disagree can fuck themselves. If you make no effort to understand someone else's beliefs, you are just a prejudice bigot, which just means that you are afraid.
Juggalo: is...
There's no desert that ain't seen rain
Nobody here that ain't felt pain
There's no biggot that ain't been clowned
There's no treasure that I ain't found
Ain't no cave they never explored
Ain't no mother that ain't been ignored
There's no leader that ain't been led
There's no blood that ain't been shed
There's no dish they never made
Ain't no brick they never laid
Everything left's been done before
Nothings new, nowhere to explore
(from "Nothing's left")
by necromaster March 24, 2008

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