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10 definitions by necrogrim

One of the best ways to make someone feel better is to give them a big warm fuzzy HUG.
I gave someone a hug, and now they feel better.
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005
An excellent series of strategy games for the PC, using an ingenious mix on turn-based and real-time. Games include:

Shogun:Total War
Shogun Total War Expansion:Mongol Invasion
Medieval:Total War
Medieval Total War Expansion:Viking Invasion
Rome:Total War
I played a Total War game today ^_^
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005
Best. Real-time. Strategy. Series. EVER.
No example needed, just try out one of the games.
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005
The best way to show your love for someone. If you've ever kissed/been kissed by a really hot girl, you'll know what I mean when I say its fun :)
A really sexy girl kissed me, and I felt all funny inside(in a good way).
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005
A Norwegian black metal act, playing very raw, very good music. The earlier stuff(the Pentagram and Antichrist albums) is the best, I don't like Gaahl's vocals that much. Worth a listen if you like this kind of music.
No example needed, just listen.
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005
Ex frontman of Genesis and absolutely brilliant solo artist. All his songs and albums are worth checking out. His work ranges from bombastic power rock(Peter Gabriel 1) to synth pop(SO) to haunting instrumental music(Passion).

All brilliant stuff.
Buy a Peter Gabriel album now, fool!
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005
Probably the most influental music act for the last century. Absolutely brilliant. All albums and songs deserve your attention. There is nothing more I can say that hasn't already been said.
A lot of people listen to The Beatles
by NecroGrim August 27, 2005