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The hyper-spacial entities that inhabit the DMT realm. Seemingly sentient, cheerful, mischievous little beings who love to play and show you their wonderful psychedelic alien machinery. The existence of the machine elves was popularised in the psychedelic community by the teachings of the great lord Terence McKenna (RIP).

Meeting the machine elves is generally regarded as the textbook 'breakthrough' DMT experience. The result of finally getting enough of the elf spice in your system in time.
"I exhaled the smoke and laid back with my eyes closed. Moments later I was in this large room made up completely of fractal patterns, and the machine elves were all around me! Finally I broke through."
#jeweled self-dribbling basketballs #tykes #self-transforming machine elves #dmt #elf spice #psychedelic #terence mckenna
by ndhan August 27, 2007
To contact via Messenger
Bob: Hey I need to speak to you tomorrow Lauren.
Lauren: Sure. I'll be online all day so just messenge me, ok.
#msn #messenger #microsoft #computer #chatting #internet
by ndhan October 26, 2007
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