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a beautiful woman, not just beautiful though, also hot with a little cute and a little sexy
Wow, Amanda is such a beautihottiecutiesexilicious.
by ndh777 November 10, 2007
1. A day in which people smoke mj.

2. A band in which you need a green day to enjoy. They are horrible yet people like them simply because they have been pushed with a social agenda to corrupt the US with such crappy songs like "Don't Wanna Be an American Idiot" and other pieces of crap people seem to call "music". THEY ARE NOT TO BE CLASSIFIED AS BEING A PUNK ROCK BADN, BUT RATHER A POP ROCK BAND LIKE BRITNEY SPEARS.
1. Gah, I need a green day today; you got some mj?

2. Ew, gross did you hear that shitty band called green day? Blah, they make me wanna hurl.
by ndh777 August 31, 2007
Politically: Someone who thinks from the right of the brain rather than the left and basing their choices purely on emotions, but basing them on rational and usually religious viewings. The Conservative ideas are not very popular beliefs...according to the American media...and are often ridiculed for their choices that are made and often called homophobic for being against homosexuality or Nazis for believing that war can sometimes keep peace in the human world. Their ideas include:
-Against Gun Control
-Pro-War (most wars)
-Against Abortion
-Against Homosexuality
-Less government interfering with American's lives
-Traditional (usually Christian) choices rather than more reformations of the United States Constitution

These ideas are opposite of the Liberal ideas
Conservatives are constantly made fun of by the media for not wanting change brought to the United States.
by ndh777 February 06, 2009
Political: Someone who thinks from the left side of their brain rather than the right. Thinking emotionally without a rational explanation to back up their choice politically.
Liberal ideas are the opposite of Conservative ideas. Liberals act without thinking. Ex: "It's mean to kill someone..." Yes it is, but if the person is a psychotic murder, I believe they do have the right to death since they did not value another human's life when taking their life.
by ndh777 February 06, 2009
-A good war that was justly fought and justly started. America was right for so-called by dumbass hippies "sticking its nose where it shouldnt have been". America did lose the war but only because a lot of the troops in the war were not motivated and all the media and politics were against the war and troops because they couldn't stand a good war that was started for the cause of justice.

I'm sorry Jane Fonda and John Kerry and others like you for offending you...maybe you should go to a different country if you don't care about America as much as you say you do. :) GOOD RIDANCE ONCE YOU DO LEAVE.
The Vietnam war was a good war, even though dumb hippies couldn't accept justice in their dictionary, the war was a good start to having a more safer world.
by ndh777 September 09, 2007
A term that has lost its real meaning over the years. It means to be fearful of homosexuality or homosexuals. But many have turned the meaning to mean that someone is hateful of homosexuals. This is not the correct definition of homophobic, rather it is to just be fearful of homosexuality and/or homosexuals.
Homophobe is a name given to those that are fearful of homosexuals.
You can be from any religion, race, gender, etc. and be a homophobe. It is not just Christianity or Atheism or Islam.
(I, the author, do not hate homosexuals nor fear them.)
Person 1: I hate homosexuals.
Person 2: You're just being homophobic!
Person 1: I am not fearful of homos, I just hate them.
by ndh777 February 07, 2009
noun: someone afraid of homosexuality or homosexuals. Originating from the word homophobia.

NOTE ON WORD'S USAGE: Many people confuse the meaning of this word and like to call people who HATE homosexuals homophobes because there isn't a word that has been created yet to describe these people. It is very inaccurate to call someone who HATES homosexuals a homophobe.
Homosexual: you hate me so your a stupid homophobe

Other person: Me hating you is not the same as being afraid of you, you dumb ignorant fag.
by ndh777 November 01, 2008

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