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A group of douche-bags (two or more douche-bags) travelling as a pack. Members of this group will exhibit some or all of the following characteristics:
1. wearing ballcaps placed ridiculous high on their head so the brim is perpendicular to the earth;
2. wearing a toque (knitted cap) in warm weather;
3. wearing shades indoors;
4. wearing a golf shirt with the collar popped;
5. swearing around children and elderly people;
6. wearing ballcaps indoors;
7. making racist, misogynistic, or other offensive remarks;
8. having some sort of tattoo or ear plug that renders them unemployable anywhere other than in a tattoo shop.
Are those guys dressed in black ball caps, black shorts that go past their knees, and black socks and shoes while while down the beach make racist remarks and cursing up a storm?

Does that guys have a spider web tattoo up the back of his skull?

And check out that guy with the ear plugs the size of frying pans?

They're all friends with one another?

Yup... that's a total douchebag parade.
by ndfnico March 17, 2011
A BMW full of douchebags; typically (but not limited to) a convertible BMW with at least one extra douchebag crammed into the undersized backseat. Sometimes this vehicle may be blasting some sort of house music and those inside may be dressed for a nightclub during daylight hours for some reason. Despite the fact that there are at least three other people capable of sending that text message, the driver is usually texting while driving.
Holy crap, that BMW just flew past us going 90km (56 miles) an hour in a school zone. That driver didn't even look up from his phone at that stop sign.

What a douchebag!

There were four people in that douchebag sardinecan.
by ndfnico November 13, 2011

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