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2 definitions by ncalvin

1: According to Pentacostals, one who masturbates.
2: Any quasi-domesticated feline that hides in the couch cushions and suddendy and violently claws your leg.
1: You, me, and everyone else (yes, even Pents)
2: You're sitting there, doin' your thing, and this claw comes out of the crack in the cushions and digs into your thigh. You scream "DEMONFUCKER!"
by ncalvin January 25, 2007
8 2
Hate speech used by hypocritical, brainless, xenophobic non-Muslims who delight in racial and religious bigotry and enjoy making brash generalizations about people who look/talk/act differently from themselves, who make a habit of dehumanizing and villifying all things foreign.
Dipshit: I think we should fuckin' nuke the whole Middle East! They're all fucked up on The Prophet MudShit bullshit! Fuckin' retarded sand niggers!
Me: *shoots Dipshit in the balls with a tactical 10-gauge pump-action shotgun to prevent him from contaminating the human race.*
by ncalvin January 26, 2007
17 68