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3 definitions by nblecntybaby

When a male shaves his pubic area before geting head (keeping the shavings)then while getting head, he pulls out blows his load on the girls cheeks and upper lip area, and the throws his shavings oh the perfectly placed semen. resembling a thick russian beard!
I gave ur girlfriend the filthy russian after i had to buy her meal last night......bitch!
by nblecntybaby March 27, 2009
"verb" when a female gives a male a hand job and uses the mud from the ohio river as lube.
Yo dawg i got a marietta mud pie last night and now.........i dont have aids anymore....its amazing.....theres some good chemicals in the river!
by nblecntybaby March 27, 2009
when a man from noble county hangs from the rafters in their "milking barn" and has a female give him head until he blows it outta his PEEN.
man i was gettin a good ole noble county peen suckin and it felt soooo good my hand slipped off the rafters and i fell on top of her.
by nblecntybaby March 19, 2009