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The name of a Native Australian (Aboriginal) man who is the 'Elder' of the 'Crackatinny' tribe which is located on the banks of VB River.

Goonawarra and his farther and great grand farthers have been known as the tribal elders since the first settlers landed in the late 1700's.

the name 'goonawarra' is derived from the life blood which keeps the tribe alive "goon" see: goon (cheap wine)
1:G'day bloke! My name is Goonawarra, ma bruddas all call me Gooney for short. I am a proud desedant of the Cracktinni Tribe ay buddy!

2: Hey Goonawarra, did you know that goon is the way of the future? It don't burn ya like petrol does ay!
by nbj February 18, 2004
A word used to great people with a a "leow" inflection in the voice. Halleow was initially inveted in 1998 or 1999 whilst imitating the way a certain person says "hello".

Other break way "halleow" terms are "mapcralleow", "buttsqwallow" "mavraplapmalleow" or "sulamattahoonbutcralleow"
Halleow! sup my little buttsqwalleows?
by nbj February 17, 2004

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