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Obviously the people who are extolling him have never had the misfortune of living in his district.

The guy who:
-Voted for Claudette aid but not Ike aid, because he had to appease his national constituents and did not care that Gilchrist and Bolivar looked like nuclear bombs hit them because he got famous.
-Called for NFIP premiums to be lowered with the Flood Control and Modernization Act but said we shouldn't pay for Katrina because he's totally not racist. Oh, and the NFIP was not billions in the hole after the 2005 hurricane season, and is a program a small-government libertarian would support.
-Had a newsletter that his Democratic opponent got a hold of in 1994 that said blacks were notoriously "fleet-footed" and cited bogus statistics from the Department of Justice. When the Victoria Advocate asked his office to disclose the newsletter to refute it, he refused. Did I mention he's not racist?
-The Houston Chronicle and the Victoria Advocate always endorse the other guy running against him.
-Says he doesn't vote for earmarks but got a bunch of pork barrel spending for shrimpers in Lake Jackson.
Ron Paul is the ultimate Machiavellian politician, because he has the appearance of virtue without actually having it.
by nbakuchev June 07, 2010
A noun used by listless Westerners (and bolillos in general) to describe the drugs they take to deal with the ennui they experience from their lives lacking meaning.

Generally used in place of "psychedelics" or "hallucinogens" by wannabe Hippies playing as much semantics as the Bush administration.

Actual shaman probably would laugh at the people who call hallucinogens this term because physical and psychological trials usually accompany the ingestion of hallucinogenic substances in shamanistic cultures and these people just sit in the comfort of their air conditioned parents' house and think they're getting in touch with the divine.

Used by people with no knowledge of anthropology and those who would probably be considered Orientalists by those who don't live in Western societies.
Funny how white people say entheogen s are a pathway to god when there is no definitive proof for the existence of a deity and most indigenous societies don't use psychedelics.
by nbakuchev October 08, 2010
The most boring place to be in Texas. The adults are all conservative Paultards and all the kids are on a sundry assortment of drugs. This town boasts a large number of both wangstas and shit-kickers. There is a street that goes on for at least 3 miles with nothing but churches, because everyone there loves God and hates fags.

Victoria is like a black hole of souls, because once you realize the dull monotony of living here your soul gets sucked into a portal.

The fortunate Victorians either die in drunk driving accidents or leave never to return.
Yeah man, I got out of Victoria, TX as soon as I can, but I'm now seeking the help of a therapist because the shithold completely annihilated my sense of well-being.
by nbakuchev June 07, 2010
When the state of Israel does a complete PR disaster and immediately gets criticized by the international community and media.
"Killing 1300 women and children over 13 Israelis dying from crappy rockets? Epic Israfail."
by nbakuchev June 08, 2010
A bunch of ideological nutjobs. These people believed in a utopian version of the world where there would be no war and no violence, completely disregarding evolutionary psychology and man's intrinsic desire to acquire more power and prestige.

The people who got Nixon elected. People were fed up with the riots and outlandishness of Hippies, so they elected Nixon. By helping get Nixon elected, they indirectly made the drugs they loved so much illegal and spurred on the War on Drugs.
The people who claim credit for movements that they had nothing to do with. The women's lib movement actually started when women worked in the factories during WWII, and the black power movement has roots in Truman desegregating the military.

The people who protested the Vietnam War but didn't end it. Walter Cronkite had more to do with the ending of the Vietnam War because people trusted Cronkite more than Hippies. Ironically enough, the anti-war movement started when they started sending white middle class college students to fight the NVA, because it's alright when poor blacks and Latinos are getting sent off to the jungles to die but not whites.
The people who later became teabaggers. The teabaggers largely are comprised of former Hippies who are hitting their midlife crisis, so they're trying to recapture their youth by holding signs of Obama as an African witch doctor.
Guy 1: "Did you see those Hippies that got shot at Kent State?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, they called it a massacre but I would hardly classify 4 people dying as a massacre."
by nbakuchev June 05, 2010

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